I'm SO Sorry!

It has been WAY to long! I am SO sorry but I am just so busy that I never have the time to wirte on here! Alot has been going on with my life between family, dustin, and school! I'll try to sum it up a little with a few pics!!

My family is going great! My brother and his new wife are about to have a baby ANY day now! We're going to have a little Steven Glen to go along with our Trenton Cole! My parents are GREAT and I still miss them! My other family (Dustin's family) are also doing amazing!
I lovee my family!

Aplaha Chi Omega seems to take up most of my time, but i LOVE every second of it! We recently had big sis revel and I couldn't have a picked a better big sis!! Her name is Sarah and the whole week she had me thinking it wasn't her! I WAS MAD! But she is AMAZING and I lovee her VERY much!!

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This is Sarah and I.. Isn't she cute! :)

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This is my AXO family! Lindsey, Sarah and Me!

We also had Homecoming week last week, which was awesome! And Alpha Chi WON! :)
We had cool events each day of the week and everything was ALOT of fun!!

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This is a pic of all my sisters waiting on the Homecoming Parade to start!

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This is a few of my cute sisters and myself still waiting on the parade!

Saving the BEST for last!

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The LOVE of my LIFE

I have the most AMAZING boyfriend ever.. I love him more than anything in this whole world.. We had a rough week last week because I had a bad week and I seem to take it out on him. I really don't mean to, but it just happens sometimes! We are more happy now than we have ever! And i don't want that to change.. We have a fun weekend ahead because Dustin is going to come to Ruston (finally) and attend a Alpha Chi party with me.. We're dressing up like pigs because the theme is Party Animals!! Its going to be SO much fun! I'm ready for him to meet all my new amazing friends and sisters!
Dustin is still going good in school, although he doesn't play baseball anymore. He was red shirted about two weeks ago and he couldn't be happier! Now all he does is hang out with these two guys and HUNT! But I'm glad he's going some friends and is finally enjoying college!

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We're madly in love and we couldn't be happier!

Thats all for now! I'll really try and update more often!

I can not believe that we are going to have a new President tomorrow.. No matter who wins it will make history! That is CRAZY! Dustin and I voted a few weekends ago so we wouldn't have to rush home tomorrow, and of course we voted for McCAIN & PALIN!



I have waited to long to update, but I never sit long enough to write about my life.

Lets start with college. I LOVE TECH!!! Ruston is greatt... My classes are going good so far! I have met some awesome people! The A-Chi-O girls are amazing! They are making college that much better! I lovee my roommies!! I know we see each other everyday all day and it gets kinda hard, but we're doing good!! Won't be long we'll be in UP's!! YES!!

I am very homesick.. I miss home more and more everyday and when Friday rolls around, I'm dying! I miss my mom. I'm used to her being there all the time and now i only see her for 2 or 3 days. I miss my daddy too.... He's doing so good with his stuff and I'm not there to help him. But everything will be okay! I also miss Dustin... alot. It seems like everyday gets harder for us... We don't fight or anything.. We just get sad and more homesick. But we're strong and we have a very strong relationship and i KNOW we will make it through!

Some other things that have been going on with me...
I am on the flag football team for Alpha Chi, We're gunna kick butt!!!
I am planning on running for freshman class president!!
And.. I have become addicated to Grey's!
I have watch season 1-3 in about 2 weeks!

Well I guess thats all for now!


Been A While!

Sorry its been a while!

I haven't been able to update lately because I've been super busy! We finished with Rush on Sunday and i went right home becuase of Gustav!

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This is my roommate Catherine and I before we went off to our new houses!!

I'M AN ALPHA CHI OMEGA! I lovee the girls!! I couldn't have picked a better group!

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This is Me and Cherie on Bid Night!! I lovee her!!!!

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This is all the new members of Alpha Chi Omega!

I went home on Sunday, well Monday morning. I was so glad to be there. I missed my parents and Dustin very much!!! The hurricane was kinda rough, but we made it through it!!

Dustin and I got to spend alot of time together because he wasn't able to go back to school until Wednesday!! I won't be able to see him until I go watch him play ball in Wesson!! Which is Sept 27! Ahhhhh.....

Class started today!! It was way better than what I thought, but I already have homework!

Well thats all for now!! I'll write more later!



Yes! I'm finally at Tech!!!! I love it. One of my roommates is here, Catherine is her name! We both are going through RUSH right now... And having a blast!! =) There are so many awesome choices... Its going to be hard!!! I will let you know by sunday with one I will be in!!

Here are some pics of our dorm room... One of the roommates isn't here yet so Its still kinda empty.

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This is my bed and my night stand!

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This is my desk area!!

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This is our sink area... Of course our bathrooms are DOWN THE HALL! =(

I'm having a really good time.. I miss Dustin very much tho... I hope I get to see him Monday or Sunday. I lovee him very much!

He is doing very good at Holmes. He loves it! And the awesome people he's met!! I was kinda worried about his leaving at first, but he's doing awesome! Lucky tail gets to go home tommorrow right after class till Monday! AH!! Lucky him!

Well thats all for now! Just wanted to update a little!!




Today is my last day at home before I move!! I'm very excited about moving to Tech and Rushing!! Classes don't start till Sept 4, so I have some time to get use to everything. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous, and my answer has been HECK NO for a while now... but as the time is coming to go, I am... Very nervous. And sad... I am such a momma's girl and i don't wanna leave her. =( Of course I'll miss everyone else too, but my ma is special to me.

I have a wonderful nephew that I will miss too. I just realized I will only be seeing his every other weekend... That is going to be very hard!

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These are pics of me and Trent. I lovee this little rat!

Yesterday was a good day. I got to hang out with Erika! I misses her!!! Dustin and I had a hard day... I guess I'm just getting worried about moving tomorrow... everyone keeps tellings me that its NOT going to work with us at two different colleges.... I can't stand hearing that. It breaks my heart!!. Dustinand I have been through so much already. I KNOW WE WILL MAKE IT.

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I have tons of pics of us!

I'm going to wait on my laptop the rest of the day.. I'll write more later! =)


Just Starting!

This is my first time to do a blog! So it might take me a little bit to get the hang of it! I always looked at Natlie's blog, so i thought I would make my own!

I am getting ready to move off to college this Wednesday!!! I am so excited! I am going to Rush!!! Dustin moved off to college 2 weeks ago, Its been kinda hard but we are doing really good with it! =)

This is all for now! I will write more later!

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This is a pic of Dustin and I from his sister's birthday!